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weHEARus Privacy Statement

At weHEARus we believe that privacy is extremely important and a right for every individual. That is why we strive to protect your personal information. This privacy statement was last updated on June 25, 2011. It is designed to inform you of the information that is collected, and how that information is used.

Information Collected

When visiting weHEARus, the following information is collected.

  1. Non-personal information: Some non-personal information is collected when visiting this site. This information does not identify you in any way and is used for statistical purposes. This statistical data helps us identify how the site is being used and how we can better improve the site in the future. Some of the information collected is as follows:
    • Browser used (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)
    • Pages visited and referring URL
    • Date and time of visit
    • IP Address used when accessing the website
    • Search terms used

  2. Personal Information: When signing up for a weHEARus account some personal information is collected. This information is not sold or shared with any 3rd party, but is rather used to distinguish between different users of the system.
    • Name and weHEARus username
    • Email address
    • City and State
    • Birthdate

  3. Cookies: Cookies are little pieces of information about a website that are stored on your computer. This information is used to enhance the user’s experience of a site. While cookies are optional and can be disabled, doing so will prevent some of the site’s easy functionality.

  4. Bank and Credit Card Information: Bank and Credit Card information used in relation to weHEARus is not permanently stored after a transaction. If a donation or purchase is made, the credit information is only used for the transaction, then removed. Currently, no Credit Card processing is done on this site, so you should never be asked for your Credit Card information here. Donations are made and processed through Paypal.