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Melissa Beaulieu got the idea of weHEARus in the fall of 2010 and shared it with her husband, Malcolm, who himself dabbled in website development. Missy was cleaning houses at the time for work. While she spent countless days scrubbing she decided to occupy her mind elsewhere by listening to podcasts, audio books, and music on her IPod. After so many hours listening, she became immersed in the communities for which podcasts are made. She was subscribed to online communities for other forms of brain-occupation, like Shelfari and Goodreads, which are websites designed for book-readers, and she wondered why there wasn’t any service for podcast-listeners. How cool would it be to not only have a service that could help her journal and keep track of what she listened to, but that would also make it possible to share what she learned with others? Some things were worth remembering, and worth passing on. This is the idea she shared with her computer-literate husband, Malcolm. He then took the idea and ran with it, creating this website.

Time is our most precious commodity. What we spend our time on really showcases who we are internally. If we spend time listening to certain varieties of audio content, these materials can reflect who we are and what we value. Isn’t this information worth sharing with friends? This knowledge can give us insight into one another. That is the real purpose for creating weHEARus.

weHEARus is people connecting through listening and sharing.