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Latest episode: December 29, 2017 | 8:16 am - Goya Food Product Love! GFR461

357 episodes

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Goya Food Product Love! GFR461 (36:01) December 29, 2017 | 8:16 am
Plus more eclectic DIY conversation
Instant Pot Woes & Fruit Trees From Seed? GFR460 (38:17) December 12, 2017 | 9:33 am
Eric's Pork Shoulder Fail and all sorts of interesting things.
There’s A Food Show For Everything GFR459 (22:31) November 30, 2017 | 4:54 pm
Traveling is important to get outside your world IOS phone update, best to do a clean start. Smoked meat tube from Underground Meats...
Building An Outhouse Is Complicated GFR458 (34:36) November 21, 2017 | 8:42 am
Will & Eric talk through DIY outhouse technology
The Library Is An Amazingly Cool Place GFR457 (21:43) November 14, 2017 | 6:00 am
Erik From Root Simple Tells Us How To Use Digital Tools The Library Offers
Urban Farming In Your Yard, Workshop Organizing + more DIY - GFR456 (32:15) November 07, 2017 | 9:14 am
The Eclectic DIY Maker How To Podcast
The New Invasive Worm You Need To Know About GFR 455 (34:54) October 31, 2017 | 6:05 pm
Erin from The Impatient Gardener tell about the Jumping Worm
Sharing Our Astonishment With Eclectic DIY GFR454 (32:11) October 20, 2017 | 10:40 am
Talking Generators, Chalkboards, Yogurt, and more
Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can. Get tips and information to find out how to get prepared! GFR451 (39:19) September 20, 2017 | 2:10 pm
Will and Rick Share Their Preparedness Routines
Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can. Get tips and information to find out how to get prepared! GFR452 (39:19) September 20, 2017 | 2:10 pm
Will and Rick Share Their Preparedness Routines
Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can. Get tips and information to find out how to get prepared! GFR453 (39:19) September 20, 2017 | 2:10 pm
Will and Rick Share Their Preparedness Routines
Is Organic Nitrogen Better For Your Garden? GFR452 (34:04) September 11, 2017 | 6:00 am
Agronomist Scott Gillespie joins Eric to talk about is it better to use organic nitrogen sources vs synthetic nitrogen, and using satellite imagery in his work on the farm. Find Scott here:
Crickets and Labradors In The Yard - GFR451 (27:53) September 08, 2017 | 10:26 am
I walk around the yard with the portable recorder (link blelow) to record crickets, taste apples and string beans, check on the maple syrup evaporator, and more. Bean Hole Baked Beans Make Maple Syrup Prune Trees Growing Garlic Sugar Maple...
When To Harvest Garlic? & Epoxy on the Basement Floor GFR450 (33:47) August 10, 2017 | 10:00 am
Will from The Weekend Homestead joins Eric today to talk about growing and harvesting garlic, and Will's lessons on home renovation. Will talks about when to hire the experts and when to do the work yourself. Watch Will's YouTube channel:...
DIY Wind Turbine, Amazing Tomatoes, Garden Fertilizers GFR449 (30:34) August 03, 2017 | 10:00 am
Rick and Eric talk more DIY and how to projects like Eric's electrical re-wiring. But first we touch on home made wind turbines. We get an update from Dave in Texas about the Klee Univ. of Florida tomatoes has grown. The wind turbine article:...
Cardboard Smokers and Community Involvment (26:00) July 24, 2017 | 4:00 pm
The power of one is a big theme in my life so when left to do a solo show, this is what I touch on a lot. AND smoking salmon in a cardboard box. Its all connected. The Billboards I talk about : I can't find the article I read...
Gastrointestinal Distress, Clean Water, & Iced Coffee GFR 447 (27:58) July 09, 2017 | 11:34 am
A new DIY podcast episode talking about pressure washing your house, clean water for other countries, growing mushrooms, & the stomach flu. All about the stomach flu: ...
Routers, Mushrooms, & Drones with Will of The Weekend Homestead GFR446 (35:41) June 08, 2017 | 10:00 am
Will and Eric talk about YouTube livestreams, finding an old cistern in the woods, a google router that works, drones, and growing mushrooms. Here is the router we talk about: Here is the new drone Will likes:...
Bee-ing In The Moment, Doing The Wrong Thing - GF Radio 445 (38:16) June 01, 2017 | 9:42 am
Yes, another bee story, but one with larger deeper thoughts. Rick joins Eric to talk about doing everything wrong while its happening around you. This time the story line involves a bee swarm but it applies to when stuff is happening around you and...
It's Great To Suck At Something - GFR444 (28:35) May 08, 2017 | 8:34 am
Done is better than perfect is a GF mantra, so it Embrace Failure. This essay by Karen Rinaldi rings true for me. I'm doing a deep dive into 99 Percent Invisible, not...

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