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Mimberz and the A-hole

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Hilarious comedy talk hosted by Tim Mimbs and Johnny A-hole
Tags: Comedy
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Latest episode: December 14, 2012 | 9:19 am - MATA Ep60: "XXXmas Special"

60 episodes

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MATA Ep60: "XXXmas Special" (01:10:41) December 14, 2012 | 9:19 am
In this special, hilarious, holiday episode, Tim & Johnny discuss: Blood Letting, Missing the Vag-hole, The Hyundai Clitorus, The Journeyman Humper, Mismatched socks and Laundry Mishaps, Flashing Co-Workers can be Holiday Fun!, Tebow it!, My Mom's...
MATA Ep59: "Freakin' Gingers" (57:37) November 08, 2012 | 7:32 am
In this long awaited episode Tim and Johnny discuss: What not to say, Too many wipes, Turd cutter, Cop encounters, 10% pussy tax, Anal G spot, Midge Menage', Fucking Gingers, Chicago trip, 30 for 30, Portman tits, Flag football, A crack and a back,...
MATA Ep58: "Tits up" (59:17) September 27, 2012 | 12:51 pm
In this episode Tim and Johnny discuss: Feathers or dot?, Dry erase, Intellectual compass, Dog trainer, Tit's up, Fine looking Bitch, Duck rape, Tranny titties, Mexi melt, Dead pool, Man hands, The slide rule of life, Rattle mouth water...
MATA Ep57: "Wait, wait" (59:47) September 12, 2012 | 10:59 pm
In this hilarious new episode, Tim & Johnny discuss:  Nut thumpin' & timber doodling, On the dick suckin' scale,  Mining for ass, Chief Billy Swamp-ass for Oxy Clean,  The Bandit's down and out, Douching a...
MATA Ep56: "The Easy Button" (58:01) August 30, 2012 | 9:57 am
In this hilarious episode Tim & Johnny discuss: Timmy The Archer, 85 Buttholes, Chicago Bound, Sponsor Me, No more Olympic Talk, Meatgazer, Golf Announcers, Samoan Vag, Keep Living the Dream Tim, Faking the Crosswords, Butthole Convention,...
MATA Ep55: "Fifty Shades Of Wet" (1:01:49) August 16, 2012 | 7:16 am
In this hilarious new episode, Tim and Johnny discuss: Gramma burn, That 70's Show, Olympic pride, Racial bigotry, JAP, The bronze, Presidential power pussy promo, 50 shades of wet, Water lube, The bike race, Alex Morgan, More Olympics, The...
MATA Ep54: "Natural Lubricant" (1:00:30) August 03, 2012 | 9:09 am
In this hilarious new episode, Tim & Johnny discuss: Green M&Ms, Candy Barz, Kool Aid, Skoolz in the Hood, Boobs n' Boners, Bikini panties, the Bobcat, Sucking the mic, My sweet Becca, Aping gay-hole, Traffic cone, Outed on Facebook, Twitter...
MATA Ep53: "My Next Ex-Wife" (1:01:59) July 20, 2012 | 3:14 pm
WE'RE BACK! In this hilarious new episode, Tim & Johnny discuss: Prison Mama, Bottled Skeet, Apologies, Measuring up, Porn titles, Hugh-Head Midget, Asexual, Flop-flop washer, Chili Ring, Ass-horn, Cobbler, Dick Shrapnel, Suntan Oil, True Grit,...
MATA Ep52: "The Long Bone" (1:02:42) June 28, 2012 | 11:56 am
In this 1st year anniversary episode, Tim & Johnny discuss: Baste in my own gravy, Johnny tech-tard, The long bone, Midget hookers, Power bush, Night Shift, Gay super-heroes, Arsenio, Vanilla Ice, The slots, Crazy eyes, Peely Wally,...
Ep 51: "Hooded Cobra" (1:01:27) June 21, 2012 | 12:52 pm
In this hilarious episode,  Tim & Johnny discuss: This just in ...Tit's are good, Dick-metrics, Dues survey, Cat fight, "That's My Boy", Arnold Palmer, Bonita Fish Dick, Growing sweet potatoes, The Violent Wave, Dickering @ Garage sales,...
Ep50: "Cum Dump 2012" (1:04:11) June 14, 2012 | 12:45 pm
This "Best of" Episode contains comedy gold! We revisit: Cum Dump 2012 from "Meat Straw" Ep40, Perfecting the Move & A-Tard the Re-Hole from "At Your Cervix" Ep29, The Finger Banging Event Movie  and I'm Fucking John Stamos from "Mata The...
Ep 49: "Fire Bush" (1:01:02) June 07, 2012 | 3:05 pm
In this long awaited Episode, Tim & Johnny discuss: Gay Porn Fluffer, Tossin' the Ball, Jesus walks into a bar, Karen Carpenter Fatty, My Sweet Adele, And the Winner is, Encino Man Jesus, Scooby Doo, Tweet of the Week, Reverse Dildo, Gonna get...
Ep 48 "Urethra Franklin" (1:04:18) May 24, 2012 | 3:11 pm
In this hilarious episode, Johnny and Mimberz discuss: Areola the Black Mermaid, Disney Bush, The Fanny Pack, Nad Butter, Mamma & The A-hole, The Stretch Before Fucking, Shock Mount, The Raper Look, The Continued Pussification of America, Sharp Nipples, I Found Your Clitoris, Kenny Roger's Roasters, Peters-in-law, The Two Hotties in 403, Snotty End of My Fuck Stick, Got Milk?, Freebie Beers, Road Trip, The First Clean Presentation, Reverse Mohawk, Pretty Sneaky Sis!, Self Check-Out, Clowntown Hotties, Butt-hole Tattoo, Tweet Of The Week, Decorate Your Vagina!, Judd Apatow, Move her like a 6-pack, 50 Shades of Gray, Midget Glory-hole, Toothpick Dick, Urethra Franklin, Choke on it!, The Vulva, Electrocuting Nipples and Movie Mascara


Ep 47: "Blue Balls" (1:01:00) May 17, 2012 | 2:00 pm

In this Episode, Tim & Johnny Discuss: Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee, Runnin' From The Law, One Man Gang, Stephen Hawking, Carrie The Irish Listener, Hairy Pussy Mitten, The Sleepy Australian, Easy Adolf!, Mimberz Only, Sympathy Puss, How Do You Wipe?, Brown Eye Bruised, Ole' School Country Western, Impact Fees, Fast Times @ Ridgemont High, Female Flag Football, Sexy Siri, Thump the Nuts, Prime Time Thursday, Radiator Hose, 70's Hair, Spanish Moss, Blue Balls, Crack in the Hat, The LSD No-Hitter, The Studio 54 Days and Stinky Celebrities.  

Ep 46: "Dicktriloquist" (1:03:44) May 10, 2012 | 4:49 pm

In this hilarious episode, Tim and Johnny discuss: Kermit's Dong, Flip Shart, Better Than Titties, The Perfect Brown Eye, New Set of Balls, Lucky 13, Flappies, Real Super Heroes, Insertion Problems, Flaming Envelopes, Gay Measuring Stick, How far till you're gay?, Wooley Bully, Ear Muffs, Screwing the Mattress, Mike Tyson, Spin Art, I.B.S., Fart Stains, Dicktriloquist, Behyman, Blue Water, Alcholine test, The Hot Funeral Director, Wearing a Monocle, The Perfect Butthole, Bowling Pen Q-Tip, Harry Moto and Fighting Exotic Animals 

Ep 45: "The Blue Meat" (1:03:23) May 03, 2012 | 3:54 pm

In this hilarious episode, Tim & Johnny discuss: The Quilter, Vag Wash, Wooly Bully, Pussy Juice, The Pert Plus Burn, Killing Puppies, Eatin' Dog, Roadhouse, Seattle Taking Over, Barack Eats Dog, Live in Chicago, The Blue Meat, Wrestling Women, ...Except, They're Titties, Cream Bleeding, Playing with Titties, Peeing in her Mouth, Titty Twister, Cyclops Titty, The Mixx Talk on, The YMCA, Johnny's Skeet Pouch, Marvin The Martian & The Great Gazoo, The Flintstones were Cannibals, Feeding a Chicken Eggs, The Anal Canal, Sweet Brown's Got Bronchitis, Pop and Lock, Parachute Pants, The Skating Rink, Hand Job Etiquette, Feet Jerkin', My Arm Hurts and The Sperm Bath.

Ep 44: "Secret Cervix" (1:00:43) April 26, 2012 | 12:54 pm

In this hilarious episode, Tim and Johnny discuss: Pre-cum, The 3 Stooges, Anti-Titanic, Hello Peoria!, Speed Dick/Dick Stick, Monks @ Starbucks, The Hobo Gazette, Diamond Dave & Van Halen, Parkisons vs. Turrets, More Pube Talk, Mannequin Junk, Richard's Sporting Goods, Taking the Show all the way in, Converting Virgins & Lesbians, Thinking in Drops, Where is Monkville?, Finding the Hymen, Anti-Premature Ejaculation Thoughts, 98 Degrees & Pink, Butler Hand-job, Joe Dirt Style, T-Shirt Slogans, Homeless Pube Taco, Explaining Midgets, Churching up a Chimphant, Chicken Hymen Marsala, A Fucking License, White Diamond Butt-hole Fucker, Pirate Fucking and Getting pee'd on.

Ep 43: "The Pussy Whisperer" (1:07:22) April 19, 2012 | 6:24 pm

In this hilarious new episode, Tim & Johnny discuss: IKEA make you gay, Stalking with your eyes, The VFW, The Six pound dick challenge, Midge carny puss, Broke dick, Zinc oxide, Pants on the ground, Coupon whore dot org, From a long line of horse thieves, Eye patch people, Norweigah & Denmarken, English muther fucker, The Pussy Whisperer, The Blumpkin, Sexy Cartoons, Santa & the Easter bunny, Passionate about the penny, Going green, Micro brews, Playing with poop, American Reunion, Gun Smithin', On behalf of humanity, Suckin' yourself, The Taco Bus, Ace & Gary, Caddy Shack, Stargazing nerd, Ass eating, and getting pooped on.

Ep 42: "Pork Snorkel" (1:04:45) April 12, 2012 | 1:00 pm

In this exciting new episode, Tim and Johnny discuss: The Wet Fart, Pepsi Next, A-hole Sr. Mall Heckler, Glitter Hands, The Wienaar in the Cravaas, Movie Panic, The Land-line, A Gaggle of Whores, Your Mamma's Booty Hole, The Pussyhair Sweater, Lazy Mimberz & the Boom-box, Hulk Hogan and the Foreman Grill, Harvesting Homeless Pussyhair, Dirty Whore Fetish, Magic and the HiV(5), Spitting Trouser Snake, Tahiti, Bunny Ranch Hookers, Just The Tip, Pubic Spacers & Traffic Cones, Sexual Rodeo, CVS Snacks, Beer Talk, Red Rocket Crick and the Redneck Grill-Master.

Ep 41: "TampaHottie99" (1:03:51) April 05, 2012 | 1:04 pm

In this hilarious new episode, Tim and Johnny discuss: TampaHottie99, Go fack ya-sef, Tuna melt & pork snorkel, Grudge fuck, Next ex-wife, Balls on top, FBI profile, Big fat lesbian Rosie, Skin graft, Knee mail, Summer Breeze, Condo picker, Jerk-sock lamp, Think tongue tard, Combo #5, Aunt Crabby Dick, The Riddler of skeet, Order by number, Big Black Mamba, Dr. Cockburn Urologist, Smoof, Shitdigger revisited, Republican National Convention, Gay soccer team, Mimes, Foam #1 finger, Dane Cook joke stealer, The Winklvi, The Coz & the Ozz, Fashion Smack-down, Jaying the teeth, Pudding & Beeer, and the butter straw. 


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