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Not So Soccer Mom

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Jill Hickey IS the NotSoSoccerMom. A mother of four, loving wife, workout and beauty finds addict, Jill's show is based on her hilarious writings at In addition to being Toginet's authority on Fitness & Beauty,& the fun side of parenting, Jill has launched "Mix Tape Tuesdays"--- her own countdown of Top Ten songs with the NotSoSoccerMom humor and trivia.
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Latest episode: July 25, 2013 | 10:00 pm - NotSoSoccerMom Toginet.comFinaleShow-ThankYou, Memories!

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NotSoSoccerMom HOT summer topics-Guest Josey Milner (57:58) July 12, 2013 | 1:00 am
Jill & Melenie welcome country music up-and-comer Josey Milner! Hear her background, dreams and approach to being a talented & busy teenager-- as well as singing dynamo.

Also, Jill & Mel cover HOT topics== the culture of kids activities and outings, Fox News personnel changes (WHO do they need to hire?) & so much more. This is a hilarious show with some funny tech challengs, but a LOT of insight and fun.
NotSoSoccerMom The Issue Vol2 The Issue Of Cancer (57:58) June 14, 2013 | 1:00 am
Jill co-hosts the first of a two podcasts devoted to the issue of Cancer and how to support those afflicted with Mella of & Nicki of

Hear about Komen's strides in fundraising, Call Robert's personal story and our own co-host Nicki's battle with cancer---

How you can help, what to say, what not to say, inspiration for those suffering and their caregivers.
NotSoSoccerMom 6/7/13 Hot Topics- Summer, Internet Social Life (57:57) June 07, 2013 | 1:00 am
Jill & Melenie explore whether or not the inernet ruined social life in the neighborhood with guest contributor Gretchen Knuffke.
Also, it's summer-- NOW what do we do with these kids? Alicia Hunter shares ideas.
A humorous look vocabulary differences by regions of the country & a primer of great etiquette for interviewing situations.
NotSoSoccerMom Co-Host Melenie Broyles W/ Jill Hickey (57:21) May 31, 2013 | 1:00 am
Jill & Melenie, working moms with 8 very involved kids and 5 jobs between them share about REAL STUFF--

16 year old birthday memories, Michelle Bachman, Illinois school teacher who gave kids 5th amendment speech, being a small business owner, the need for etiquette in the workplace and even... bitches in the 'burbs.

A great show!
NotSoSoccerMom-MarcSievers, AlanBraunstein,DougBriney! (57:21) May 10, 2013 | 1:00 am
Don't Miss today's NSSM Show with the wildly fun and fabulous Marc J Sievers as Guest Co-Host!

Jill & Mark welcome emerging country artist Doug Briney (@DougBriney) & actor/ writer Alan Braunstein (@alanbraunstein)

Acting, writing, recipes, music, champagne, hosting ---- Today's show had it ALL!!!

Thanks to special friend of the show Mella of BubblyTalkRadio for being a VIP Caller!
NotSoSoccerMom GuestCo-Host AliciaHunter, Cathryn Louis (57:20) May 03, 2013 | 1:00 am
A FANTASTIC NotSoSoccerMom Show with Guest Co-Host Alicia Hunter chatting diets, lashes, beauty, empowering women, celebrities and more!
Join Alicia & Jill as they welcome author Cathryn Louis on her intelligent thriller Sparks. Special caller Josh Estrin @JoshEstrin dropped by to say Hello to the ladies!
And... "Hosting With Style" author Beretta Fleur on Ninja Hosting and being a glam pin-up girl.
Grab a Cinco De Mayo margarita and enjoy this show, featuring Jill's Beauty Tip of the Week.
NotSoSoccerMom MarcSievers,NoGirlsAllowed,GrilledCheeseDay! (57:32) April 12, 2013 | 1:00 am
Grab your skillets & glass of champagne and start listening to this fabulous foodie Friday edition of the NotSoSoccerMom show with Guests Marc J Sievers of FoodNetwork's Bobby's Dinner Battle, author of No Girls Allowed cookbook Greg Ford and The Cheese Impresario Barrie Lynn on her award-winning Grilled Cheese Recipe.

Blogger Jen of stopped by to share her Andy Cohen book tour story and how to win a signed copy.
NotSoSoccerMomExposing CyberBullies w @allthingsrh @champagnechat (57:20) April 05, 2013 | 1:00 am
Together with fellow talk show host Mella of & Nicki of, Jill explored the world of cyberbullying, hate-tweeting, catfish account and general mis-use of the internet by meanies.

Callers shared their stories, the world of extreme net vitriol regarding Real Housewives shows was explored as well as best practices of how to deal with these circumstances. Special thanks to Etiquette expert Melenie Broyles for her insight.
NotSoSoccerMom FitFoodieChef,MiddleSchoolChef, Alicia (57:21) March 29, 2013 | 1:00 am
Today Jill continued her fab foodie trajectory with Jennifer Bucko Lamplough of Food Networks' "Fat Chef", Middle School Foodie Author David Pines and THE Alicia Hunter (returning panelist) caught us up on celeb weigh gain, hot mommy bodies post-baby.

Also, Jill's story about her first time on TV as mom-blogger expert and the Beauty Tip of the Week.
Happy Good Friday & Easter weekend.
NotSoSoccerMomVenus, WoodyWilson, AdamRuben (57:19) March 22, 2013 | 1:00 am
It's March Madness and today Jill was joined by THREE great guy guests ---

*Adam Ruben, molecular biologist, comedian & writer on his FoodNetwork show "Food Detectives".

* Woody Wilson, former rocket scientist on how to achieve "Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget" -- his cookbook.

* Vince Valenti, creator of MyVenusNow on his entrepreneurial journey and innovative invention

"This show was a blast. I believe in my guests and am so blessed to have this forum to highlight bright, innovative people doing awesome things. Please enjoy it as much as I enjoy bringing it to you and talking to these folks"--- Jill Hickey
NotSoSoccerMomPopeFranciswTimTownsend,CheeseImpresario, JaimieHope (57:20) March 15, 2013 | 1:00 am
Join Host Jill Hickey and Guests:

St. Louis Post Dispatch Religion Reporter Tim Townsend with Pope Francis insight.

Children's author Jaimie Hope who inspires through her writing about having spina bifida.

"The Cheese Impresario" Barrie Lynn on her journey from corporate america to the succulent world of cheese.

"This show was fantastic. Tim's background knowledge of the new Pope was interesting, Jaimie provided us How To and inspiration on so many levels and --- did someone say Cheese? You could almost TASTE the artisan cheeses (and cocktail pairings) Barrie described. Please listen"--- Jill Hickey
NotSoSoccerMom-Olga, Alissa&GuestCoHostAllieGrace (57:58) March 08, 2013 | 12:00 am
Allie Grace, Jill's 14 year old daughter was today's special guest Co-Host to celebrate Spring Break and it was a fun, fast show.

Hear them share about Harlem Shakes, Dance Moms, American Idol, 'pom team' tryouts, take call and more.

Today's Guests Olga Zabelinskaya, internationally awarded Pet Groomer shared her journey from the Soviet Union to be at the top of her profession and what criteria makes a talented pet groomer.
And Artist, Mom, Dancer, Writer Alissa Hall on her new #ArtInNM blog & podcast and so much more.

NotSoSoccerMomRobinKassner, TipsyGirl, MBodanza (56:16) March 01, 2013 | 12:00 am
NotSoSoccerMom&Co-Host @ChampagneChat (57:57) February 15, 2013 | 12:00 am
Jill has special guest co-host Mella Noir of Bubbly Talk Radio & Champagne Chat today.

Hear special callers Nicki of @AllThingsRH & Carlos of @IRealHousewives and special guest Amy Poliakoff of of Bravo's Gallery Girls.

Tons of Housewives, Valentines, social media and current events.

Don't miss this extra-fun podcast lovefest with two great talk show hosts working the mic together.
NotSoSoccerMom ChampagneChat, MarkBodanza, GirlfriendMom (57:55) February 08, 2013 | 12:00 am
It's another fast and fabulous NSSM show with Host Champagne Chat of Bubbly Talk Radio's Mella Noir. All about the biz of hosting a show... and of course some Housewives catch-up.
Then it's time for SPORTS with Author Mark Bodanza. Celtics basketball star Jo Jo White's is a story of true values in a time where our sports heroes are lacking.
And The Girlfriend Mom Dani Alpert is onboard to explain what a 'girlfriend mom' IS and how she tackles it.

Dont' miss these three great guests, a special caller and Jill's new segments "Three Loaded Questions" and Shout-Outs. Who did she shout-out this week?
NotSoSoccerMom JanetRuns4Congress,DivineHostess (57:59) February 01, 2013 | 12:00 am
Critical Thinker Janet Hinz is looking into running for Congress. She's a mom, professor & is ready to embrace real change in politics, not partisan posturing. Hear Janet and Jill talk issues, motivation, parenting and even pop culture. Find out how to support REAL folks like her who want to step forward.

Also, Fifi Buchanan tells listeners how to eat heathy and deliciously as The Divine Hostess.

A fast-paced, insightful show with great input from callers Ronnie, Tonya and more.

Enjoy this installation NotSoSoccerMom podcasts.
NotSoSoccerMom Fun&Fit, GlassClosetPR, Alicia Hunter (57:59) January 25, 2013 | 12:00 am
Twin fitness experts Kymberly & Alexandra of shared how to keep your fitness resolutions, stay motivated and really tap into your work out goals.

Also, hear Lindsay of Glass Closet PR talk about the business of blogging, repping and connecting with reality stars.

And Alicia Hunter, diet coach, author, mom & lash artist discussed with Jill the concept of "mixed weight families" and the ramifications.

Don't miss this upbeat, fast and fun show.

NotSoSoccerMom Psychic, It Is Time Book, Sadie Brody (57:27) January 18, 2013 | 12:00 am
Don't Miss This Podcast:

The lovely Sadie Brody of Awww...Suga was with Jill to talk about two upcoming charity events,

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Coach, Hypnotist Melanie Barnum did readings for callers and was spot-on. Her book is "The Book Of Psychic Symbols"

And why would successful NYC advertising exec Marck Estemil pick up his family and move them in the middle of the night ???

"Today's show was full of 'the bigger picture'. While the two guests may seem polar opposite, I feel they are both helping others strive to be their best self and get to the core of what's important in life."-
Host Jill Hickey
NotSoSoccerMom ShittyMoms,OMGISoNeedWine! (57:58) January 04, 2013 | 12:00 am
Sh*tty Mom authors Alicia and Mary Ann were with Jill for a hilarious talk about parenting with irreverence and fun. Alicia Ybarbo (@aliciaybarbo, @todaysmoms) is a five-time Emmy award–winning producer. She has worked on NBC’s TODAY show since 2000.
Mary Ann Zoellner (@todaysmoms) is a four-time Emmy award–winning producer and has worked at NBC news for 16 years.

AND OMG I So Need A Glass of Wine or I'm Gonna Sell My Kids's Founder Christine Trice. was birthed from a true “mommy moment”.

Grab a glass of your favorite and hear this momtacular show!

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